Welcome to Dowsing Anglia where you will be made most welcome at our Meetings. We have a well Balanced Training Agenda with Talks, Workshops & Outdoor Exercises throughout the year. In Dowsing there are Five Main Interest Areas, Archaeology, Health, Healing & Well Being, Earth Energies & Elementals, Water Dowsing & Special Interests (UFO’s, Crop Circles etc.) and we often bring outside Speakers in to cover some of the subjects while keeping the costs down to a bare minimum. You will quickly find One and often Two Areas of Dowsing that will be of special interest to you plus you will enjoy the happy & relaxed company.


Water has always been the most important aspect of dowsing and we will show you how to locate good Potable Waters quickly & accurately. Dowsing for the optimum locations of water-wells plus tackling the production & storage problems and the Client’s Questions. Dowsing Anglia hope to build-up the infrastructure of this Group and start giving Talks & Workshops for other Dowsing Groups around the UK.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is the art of detecting underground water by the use of a pendulum, rod or other hand-held device. Dowsers can detect many other things besides water, including earth energies, ley lines; and underground archaeological remains. We can also detect electromagnetic emissions from overhead power lines, wifi and other electrical devices. We can determine whether all these energies are harmful or healthy.

Does Dowsing work?

Yes it does, although nobody fully understands why this should be the case. Many dowsers believe that they are responding to minute changes in the background electromagnetic field such as might be generated by water passing through the ground. Humans and animals all receive such signals subliminally. The dowser, however, consciously tunes in to them.

About Us

Sue Pine holding dowsing rods smiling at the camera

Sue Pine

Sue has immense experience of working with Psychic Energies.  She is the ‘Research Wing’ of Dowsing Anglia and has broken new ground with her original dowsing research into the Earth Energies on Glastonbury Tor and Central London.  She is actively researching the sub-bands of Serpent Lines and trying to unravel their Mysteries. Sue studied water dowsing with Master-Dowser Peter Taylor and has completed all the British Society of Dowsers’ Earth Energies Courses. She is a gifted Geomancer, a Reiki Master plus a Qigong Instructor and excels at finding a Happy Outcome for distressed Nature Spirits and ghosts. She regularly teaches courses on dowsing and runs classes in Qigong and Philosophy. Her articles have appeared in Dowsing Today and many other journals.

Steve Dawson stood in the ruins of a old building with dowsing rods

Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson, a Royal Marine for 12 years, and then a commercial diver and drill-rig worker for the oil companies, he travelled the world for well over 40 years. He discovered dowsing while working in the desert searching for buried oil lines and working with the locals dowsing for water. Steve has a special interest in archaeological dowsing and has always been intrigued by pyramids and ancient churches. He is a nationally recognised specialist in the Hartmann-Curry lines and uses them to relocate lost churches and sacred sites and to find True North accurately within minutes. His recent work includes an impressive study of King John’s Lost Baggage Train and unravelling the Mystery of Rennes le Chateau.
Ann Dawson sat at her desk holding a crystal over a map

Ann Dawson

Ann Dawson, from Bury St Edmunds, has been involved in Earth Energies and Dowsing for many years. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher teaching Reiki Evolution Home Study Courses in Reiki 1,2,&3. She is a Shamanic Practitioner and a Home Healer. As a skilled Geomancer Ann often works remotely and has carried out many successful home healings here in England and abroad. She also helps with research on many of Steve’s Dowsing Projects including the Rennes le Chateau mystery and King John’s Lost Baggage Train and is part of the Water Dowsing UK. Team.

We are three friends who have been dowsing together for several years on all sorts of projects. We have successfully located water boreholes; found lost chapels, studied ancient sites and run talks, workshops, courses and dowsing events all over the UK. If you’d like to work with us – get in touch by email at dowsing.anglia@gmail.com, or on the Facebook page here

Water Dowsing


A lot of work goes on before the dowser arrives on site. The dowser begins by researching the geology of the area to find out where other boreholes have been sunk and to identify where the best aquifers are likely to be. The next step is to map dowse the area. This technique is really useful if the site is a large one, as it saves a great deal of search time.

Client’s Questions:

  • Legal Papers + Survey Reports Required
  • Water Storage, Hygiene & Certifications
  • Well Cleaning Procedures + Chemicals
  • Water Provenance & The local landowners
  • Downhole Water Pump Efficiency & Power
  • Overall Costs of Drilling, Production & Ongoings


The dowser first identifies and ‘flags up’ the chosen aquifer and location. Careful measurements are taken for depth, flow rate and water quality, seasonal variation and ph. Most dowsers identify two or more possible sites. Each location is carefully marked. A written report is prepared for the client to discuss with their drilling contractor.

We will:

  • Locate aquifers (underground streams)
  • Identify the best site for a borehole
  • Advise on the flow rate and any seasonal variation
  • Advise on the purity and ph of the water
  • Indicate whether one or more aquifers are being tapped
Water Dowsing – Yesterday’s Technology TODAY !!!
Old line drawing of a man dowsing

Water dowsing uk - callouts

We have been Called-out many times to farms, industrial complexes and domestic homes to help solve Water Problems, or Locate buried pipework, old roadways and foundations to old buildings plus to mark-up electrical cables.

  • Advise on ‘Best Working Practices’ during/post drilling operations.
  • Locate best position for borehole & water storage units.
  • Locate Water Leaks, Broken Pipework, Leaking Joints.
  • Well Cleaning & Water Management Programmes.

Read the Dowsing Stories

Read over 100 Dowsing Stories, Tales & Mysteries from around the World on our Dropbox Site

Plus dozens of Dowsing Talks, Workshops and Instructional Tools for you – All Free.

Dowsing for the Mystery of Rennes Le Chateau, Shrugborough Hall, The Cup of Leon (The Holy-Grail), The Shroud of Turin, Missing Malaysian Aircraft MH370, The Bermuda Triangle, Crop-Circles, UFO’s Rendlesham Forest, Stonehenge dated, Battle of Hastings Located, Battle of Edgehill ‘The King’s Standard’, Boudicca and the Ninth Legion, The Lost Roman Legion, Water Dowsing Tutorials, King John’s Lost Baggage Train, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Nikola Tesla, Dowsing for Mussolini, Norfolk Seahenge, Locating True North, Hi Brazil Island, Oak Island Mystery, Mildenhall Treasure, Brittany’s Stones, Ghost Islands of the Lochs, Roslyn Chapel Scotland, Michael & Mary Line The Pilgrims’ Route, Labyrinths, Saint Edmund’s Grave, Feng Shui & The Bagua Mirrors, Labyrinths, Gorlestone Stone Circle, Oak Island Mystery, Rudstone Monolith, The Princes in The Tower, The Georgia Guidestones, The Akashic Records, Nostradamus & Leonardo’s Last-Supper ‘Hidden Music’.

Here are Some of our Favourites .......


There is something here for beginners, specialists and those with general interest.

We can design a Tailor-Made Talk/Workshop for your Group. We can host, ‘Skype & ZOOM’ meetings, plus One-to-One Tuition if required. Please contact us for more Information.


This very popular course is designed for beginners and those who can dowse a bit but would like to improve. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the many possibilities of dowsing. You will be taught how to use both rods and pendulum. You will learn the basics of both water dowsing and earth energy dowsing. We will also cover map dowsing and how to detect the energy fields of both humans and plants.


This course is for those who can dowse confidently and are ready for the next step. You will explore dowsing for node points and learn much more about earth energies. We will focus on what happens when different kinds of energy mix and learn to recognize when energies may be harmful. You will learn some techniques to use to improve the energies on your own home.


Both Sue and Ann are Reiki Masters. They take their responsibility as Reiki Trainers seriously and expect their students to do likewise. They offer a complete programme of Reiki training, from level 1 through to master level. You can expect a very comprehensive training programme, with ongoing support during your training and afterwards.


Chi Kung (also spelled qigong) is a gentle exercise system, like Tai Chi but easier to learn. It has been used in China for centuries to promote good health, longevity and well-being. Sue is a fully qualified Qigong instructor. She teaches the Dragon and Tiger Qigong as an evening class or as a four-day course, split over two weekends.


Do you sometimes shiver when you walk into someone’s house? Do you feel tired all the time? Are there cold or uncomfortable areas in your home.

Are your children or other members of your family unnaturally irritable? Is your home not selling? Are you always ill or have niggling pains?

Do you always feel better when you are away from the house? You may be affected by Geopathic stress.

Dowsing aims to find the cause of stress (which can be from underground water streams, ley lines, the natural earth’s magnetic lines, past land traumas and battle sites geological faults and mineral deposits, earthbound spirits and human emotional imprints)and harmonise the lines, particularly where they cross under beds and cots, or regular sitting positions.

It is a straightforward process to assess a home for Geopathic Stress and carry out harmonising work. The Dowser does not need to visit the home and the process is completely safe. Once the work is complete your house should feel calm and easy to live in. In order to carry out the work I need a rough floor plan of your house and garden and after the work is done you will be provided with a written report and 6 week follow up support.

“Dowsing” has been around for over 4000 years, and is best known for searching for water. More recently it has been recognised as a means to bring healing to your home and family. When you stop being affected by these external energies, your body will heal itself naturally.

Symptoms, when having been exposed to Geopathic energies can start within 1 to 2 hours. Headaches, tiredness or fuzziness are all common signs. Longer term symptoms can range from disturbed sleep patterns, depression and chronic ill health, to family disharmony, loss of energy and more aggressive behaviour.

If you would like your home assessed for Geopathic Stress and given Healing please contact Dowsing Anglia and we will be Happy to Help. This work can be done throughout the UK and even abroad if necessary.

Talks, Walks & Training

Future Events

Image showing a sample programme of events
Some of our events:
  • Back to Basics Dowsing Day – Dowsing for All Levels, Beginners & Seniors
  • Dowsing Anglia Water Dowsing Talk & Workshop
  • Dowsing for the Location of The Battle of Hastings Talk
  • Talks on Old Remedies, Animal Reiki, Fairies & Elementals
  • Power Towers Poles & Tubes + Chakra Nodes Workshop
  • Metal Detecting Workshop
  • Earth Energies Reignited Group
  • International Dowsers’ Day
  • Dowsing Anglia – Spring Picnic
  • British Society of Dowsers Sypmposium

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